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John B. Goldhamer is an Authored Tax Law Expert with Education and Experience in All Business Disciplines, including J.D. - Juris Doctorate Equivalent Legal Education, Finance, Marketing, MBA, Accounting, and Information Technology with extensive Management Experience.

John is essentially a Retired Tax Lawyer. For many years, John identified issues, researched, composed, presented, and provided guidance on numerous Impact Statements on new Tax Law, Position Papers on current Tax Law, and Tax Appeals to Jurisdictions and Management as well as composed a considerable number of legal briefs.

John has the unusual ability to see connections to things that others do not recognize. As a “Trained Observer” combined with a “Legal Logic Approach,” he has been conducting One-on-One Career Counseling and providing good advice for many years. With these skills and abilities, John has personally helped hundreds of people with Career Counseling and many other problems.

He taught classes on LinkedIn, Résumé Writing, and Researching the Internet at Employment Transition Centers and Network Groups. In the Tax area, he conducted workshops on Individual Income Tax, Corporation Income Tax, and Sales and Use Tax. John is on the speaker circuit and available to speak to groups on many topics.

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John’s website provides Free documents that he composed on diverse topics that are Educational, Entertaining, and Empowering:

    He conceived, composed, and created Job Seeker Tips, Topics & Tools that has Everything a Job Seeker Needs to Get a Job from Beginning to End!

    He made, molded, and matured John Goldhamer's Golden Nuggets of Wisdom providing many original ideas offering advice, guidance,
    and recommendations.

    He planned, penned, and produced many Position Papers on Individual Income Tax including Individual Income Tax Return Workshops,
    Starting a Business Requirements, The 1099 Independent Contractor Requirements, and Validating, Verifying, and Disputing IRS Form 1099
    Income. He similarly provides Position Papers on receiving Unemployment Benefits.

    He accumulated, assembled, and authored Thirty Tax Tools, separated into six categories to assist with Business, Legal, and Tax Research. He provides a position paper on South Dakota v. Wayfair - Sales Tax Economic Nexus.

    He also launched, lived, and learned Tips for the Overseas Traveler, which as a World Traveler he provides many helpful travel suggestions and an entertaining Types of Travel Poem.

You are welcome to share them with others; as I freely distribute all my documents that I create.

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