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1. Job Seeker Tips, Topics, and Tools- Navigating – Presentation on How to Navigate these All-encompassing Comprehensive Documents that assist Job Seekers with Composing: Cover Letters, Resumes, Marketing Plans, Researching Companies and People, as well as Presenting an Image and More!



2. Tips For Those in Transition – Twenty-eight page “Commentary” on how to write Cover Letters, Résumés, Marketing Plans, and 60-second Speeches as well as some psychological ideas.



3. Repertoire of Business Sentences That Get Good Results – Thirty business sentences that get good results from the recipient.
A list of 145 examples of Meaningful Words, Fulfilling Words, and words which Clearly Add Value in describing a candidate’s experience in a résumé as well as 212 examples of Empty Words, Cliché Words, and words that have Insignificant Value. It also has Over 80 Successful Examples listed by 17 Occupations using my “As a Phrase Summary Formula” to start a Cover Letter, Résumé, Marketing Plan, and LinkedIn by opening with a powerful sentence that jumps off the page to the reader: “As a ____ with a ___ degree I am ___....”
Change As a, to I am; and it becomes a 30-Second Speech or Elevator Speech.



4. Santa's Cover Letter, Resume, Marketing Plan, Thanks, & Give a Gift – Examples – Santa gives us the gifts of Education, Humor, and Knowledge; all rolled into great examples. The Grinch provides the worst resume followed by a corrected version.



5. Metro Richmond's Largest Corporate Employers – Database with Keyword Search of Top 50 Richmond Metro Largest Private Employers and 70 other companies with Richmond Headquarters or Operations.



6. One Stop Websites for Researching Business, People, Facts, & Beyond – A Free convenient, functional, and practical directory listing “Over 300 Websites separated into 35 Subjects with Internal Links to each Subject Listing” inserted into the "Table of Contents" and "Alphabetical Index" and includes brief descriptions for every Website. It also includes a Green "Return to Table of Contents" Link next to each subject heading. Many people save it to their desktop and use it daily to find answers.



7. Access ReferenceUSA- Procedures – Procedures for Free access to this great Database from a home computer through Henrico or other Library Websites to search 50-million U.S. Businesses filtered by Name, Location, NAICS Business Classification, Area Code, Zip Code, Public or Private Co.; providing Company Names, Executive Names and Titles, Subsidiaries, Number of Employees, Sales, and more.



8. Checklist of 35 Things to do Before an Interview, in RhymeRhyming Story Poems Provide a Message through the Music of Words.



9. List of 35 Questions to Ask an Interviewer – Separated into five categories: Beginning Questions, Management Position Questions, Support Position Questions, Company or Organization Questions, and Ending Questions.



10. Job Offer Comparison Worksheet – Provides a fillable form covering 8 Topics 35 Issues to consider when offered a job or two.

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