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LinkedIn Articles - Suggestions:

Find Spell Check Errors by Copying Resume to Text then to a Blank Word
The best way to proofread to discover Spelling, Grammar, and Typographical Errors is to copy your résumé into a Blank Plain Text File (.txt), then copy the Blank Plain Text File into a Blank Word Document, and perform a spell check.

Frame Your Answers to Behavior Questions
When a Behavior Question is asked such as “Tell me a time when you ….” Start each Behavioral Answer by “Framing your answer” with:
“When I was a (Job Title) ______ at (Organization) ______ I had a situation where…”

Next Best Thing to Being Licensed is That You Are Qualified for the Exam
If a job posting lists a preferred credential or license such as CPA, PHR, or PMP and you examined the requirements from the right authority and realize that you would be qualified to take the exam, then you can state that you are “Qualified for the exam,” which is the next best thing.

Give a Gift of an Interesting Article When You Do Not Hear From a Recruiter
If you do not hear from a Recruiter or Interviewer, after a couple of weeks, search for an interesting “Free” article on the industry or company using Google or a Blog Search Engine such as: www.blogsearchengine.org
The Recruiter will think you are creative and noticeable, but not feel pestered.

When You Take Too Long To Answer a Question - Sum Up Your Conversation
Before a meeting, if you realize that you speak to long when answering a question, give yourself a mental note to:
Sum up Your Conversation when you shift in your seat. We all shift in our seats. By connecting the idea to Sum up Your Conversation to shifting in your seat, it connects an idea to a physical movement so that you will remember it.

With the Right Tool and a Little Imagination You Can Do Anything
Albert Einstein said, “Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.”
Robert Fulghum Author of ‘All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten’ said, “Imagination is Stronger than Knowledge and Dreams are More Powerful Than Facts.”


When I Was a Kid the Only New Technology We Had Was…
Most of the New Technology that we are accustom to using today was not available in years past, but the same word applied to many other things that we did have. The future will have even more things!

In 1983 I Had My Office's First Personal Computer, Became the First Help Desk, and Tried to Use Analogies to Explain the Process
The first generation Personal Computer (PC) was released in 1981. I have been working with computers since 1983 when my boss gave me a Zenith Z-171 Portable Personal Computer (PC) and told me that they did not have any budget money for courses, so I should teach myself. Other than the thick difficult to understand owners operating manual, there were very few books on the subject.
Since I was the first one in my office to use a Personal Computer, I became the first Help Desk, but they did not have that term yet.
Back then, Personal Computers were so new to everyone; I tried to use analogies to explain the process.

Three Branches of the Federal Govt., U.S. Constitution, and Relationship to Founding Fathers Hats
I recognized that there is a relationship between the Three Branches of the Federal Government and the three-cornered hats worn by our Founding Fathers. Each corner of the three-cornered hat is equal in size, and no corner of the hat is any higher than the other sides; just like their idea for a new form of government. It is interesting that the Founding Fathers created an idea for a new form of government similar to the hats that they wore.
                    Perhaps they took off their hats, laid them on the table, and then modeled their new government after their hats.
My presentation explains the Three Branches of the Federal Government and the U.S. Constitution, with images of props and hats representing different characters with amusing speeches. It also has a fun example how a federal law is passed to allow children free access to theme parks, the appeal process through the federal courts, and 31 Simple Definitions of Keywords used in the presentation.
Children and adults will enjoy my presentation; especially the props and hats representing different characters with amusing speeches, but more importantly, they will learn about the fundamentals of our federal government.


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